Our Medical Home Marsden Park is now open;

  • Bulk billing GPs

  • Open until 10pm – 365 days

  • No appointment necessary

  • Pharmacy, pathology, xray services on site

  • Dental coming soon

Our Medical Home™ delivers the quality healthcare to which we are all entitled. Patients now have a destination dedicated to the healthcare of the individual and wider community.

Open until 10pm, 365 days a year, Our Medical Home™ patients can see a GP when they need a GP with no appointment necessary.

Doctors are available on a walk-in basis. Patients can see the first available GP or nominate to see their preferred GP on roster that day. A roster that will be found on the newly launched website.

Along with dedicated bulk billing GPs, Our Medical Home™ will open with a pharmacy and pathology facilities onsite. Xray and dental services will soon follow.

Our dedicated staff are on hand to answer any questions  about Our Medical Home™. Or for more information visit the Our Medical Home website

Our Medical Home™ is dedicated to quality and comprehensive healthcare for the community.